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Wayfair operates 18 fulfilment and 38 delivery centres representing millions of square feet across the U.S., Germany, Canada, and the U.K.

Their corporate headquarters in Boston and Berlin are surrounded by world-class technology and educational institutions, providing access to top talent.

Wayfair is the destination for all things home and a place that helps everyone, anywhere, create their feeling of home. But how’d they get here?

In the early 2000s, having a “good selection” might have meant three or four options of something, side by side on a shelf in a store. But longtime friends Niraj Shah and Steve Conine saw an opportunity to give everyone more options. Bringing shopping for home online meant they wouldn’t need to worry about how many sofas they could fit in a store, and for the first time, everyday shoppers would have the power of choice.

In 2011, they brought everything together under one roof and created wayfair.com: a single site where people could find millions of products for every part of their homes.

Over the next few years we spread out, expanding to Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany while building a logistics and infrastructure network that made shipping large items faster and easier. Whether living in rural Nebraska or downtown London, for the first time ever, shoppers could easily find and get exactly what they wanted for their homes.

All this history has led them to where we are today, a world where Wayfair is driven by a world-class team with the future always in mind – constantly striving to help everyone, anywhere, create spaces that are just right for them.

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