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Order Management

Our warehousing order system software provides an intuitive dashboard that consolidates all your orders from different marketplace and sales channels. This means you can easily process orders, update order details, and keep track of the status of your orders from one place.

An all-in-one integrated application is the perfect way to maximise warehouse performance, making your warehousing operations more efficient and saving you money. By allowing our software to automate all operations, we can help take your business to the next level and provide you with all the information you need to do this, at a glance.

Our automated picking and packing technology makes order fulfilment lightning quick, ensuring that the right parcel is shipped out of your warehouse door as quickly as possible. With our intelligent inventory control features, you can stay on top of your stock levels, avoid overselling, and quickly create purchase orders when stock levels are low.

Order Management

Check the Progress of All of Your Orders on One Dashboard

Irrespective of which goals you hope to achieve for your business each day, having an all encompassing dashboard that features topline metrics from all of your couriers and channels is a huge time-saving feature.

This is all displayed in your user friendly dashboard in which you can click on any section for detailed information on each specific item.

Whether you’re managing your eBay or Amazon channels, or making some changes to your courier preferences with DPD or FedEx, this dashboard can oversee it all. Integrating with over 40 sales channels and more than 90 couriers, Despatch Cloud’s ecommerce software relieves the burden of order despatching on staff.

Integration To Sales Channels

By using our Warehouse order system software, you gain access to over 40 of the world’s leading sales channels. From marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay and Fruggo to sales platforms such as Shopify, you can get your product in front of a huge audience in the space of a few clicks.

Our Channel API is constantly looking for more and more sales channels as we integrate, every new channel will be available to you.

Our Channel API is constantly looking for more and more sales channels as we integrate, every new channel will be available to you.
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Order Consolidation

Warehousing provides a comprehensive ecommerce warehouse management system where you can view all activity across channels simultaneously. This ensures that you can always maintain a full awareness of how each product and channel are each performing.

By consolidating your orders, you will have a constant overview of your sales. See which channels you are selling best on and which you aren’t before making a decision on your strategy going forward.

This up-to-date information is valuable to help guide future decisions and strategies that you make.

Stock Synchronisation

When you’re selling products across several channels, it can become a challenge to ensure that you balance the line between overselling and under-stocking. With Despatch Cloud’s warehousing shipping software, you’ll receive real-time updates to keep you fully informed at all time.
Offering integrations with over 40 ecommerce channels, our ecommerce software is able to grant your business increased visibility without needing to manage each individually.
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