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Our fulfiment reporting software provides you with the insights you need to make informed decisions about your eCommerce business. With real-time analytics, you can track your inventory levels, order fulfilment rates, and shipping costs.

This way you can ensure full transparency between you and your customers, while remaining in full control of your warehouse.

Our software also provides forecasting tools that help you predict future demand, ensuring that you never run out of stock. With our reporting tools, you can stay on top of your eCommerce business and make data-driven decisions to optimise your operations.


Fulfilment Design Overview

Courier And Channel Performance

Stay on top of your operations with real-time updates on courier and channel performance.
This will help you make faster and better decisions on courier and sales channel choice, and build a more resilient and efficient fulfilment operation.

Reports For You And Your Client

Ensure full transparency between you and your client and provide a window into your warehouse with regular reporting.
Access valuable insights on fulfilment speed and accuracy, and make sure any downturns in performance are immediately flagged up and resolved before it ever becomes a problem. 

Stock Reporting

Easily manage and keep track of your inventory with stock updates and purchase order reports.

Monitor stock movements and handling in the warehouse with real-time logs you can filter down by user, action and event date.