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PTT (Posta ve Telgraf Teşkilatı), known as the General Directorate of Turkish Post and Telegraph Organization, is a vital institution in Türkiye with a rich history and a wide range of services. Established in 1840, PTT has evolved into a modern and multifaceted organization that plays a crucial role in connecting people, businesses, and communities across the country. Along with PTT Kargo, they offer a range of services suited to ecommerce companies across the country.

PTT’s services encompass various areas, including postal services, financial services, and telecommunications. It operates a the largest network in Turkiye of post offices, facilitating the exchange of letters, parcels, and packages both domestically and internationally. 

In addition to its postal functions, PTT offers a range of financial services, including banking, money transfers, and bill payments. PTT's convenient and accessible locations make it a go-to destination for many Turks to handle their financial transactions and meet their banking needs.

As a symbol of reliability and tradition, PTT continues to adapt to the changing needs of society while upholding its core values of service, trust, and innovation. It remains a cornerstone of Türkiye’s communication, financial, and logistical landscape, connecting people and businesses in an ever-evolving world.

By using Despatch Cloud's PTT courier integration you can help to ensure that your goods are delivered quickly and effectively throughout Türkiye!

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