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If you regularly ship with Royal Mail, then using a PPI (Printed Postage Impression) account may save you time and energy when shipping parcels.

A PPI is a recognised label that can be used instead of a stamp. This can be a huge benefit to a business owner, as it means they no longer have to take trips out to buy stamps and can produce labels in an instant. The charge is totted up throughout the day as labels are printed, and can then be paid off by the account holder.

Once you have your postage mark, it couldn’t be easier to quickly get all parcels ready to be collected and shipped by Royal Mail.

To use this feature, you must be an online business account holder and also apply for a PPI licence. Once this has been completed, you are free to go, and you can be shipping a range of parcels, from first class to international standard letters, in an instant.

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