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CR Transport & Logistics is a provider of logistics services for machinery, building, military, and construction equipment, as well as commodities. 

CR Transport and CR Logistics merged in April of 2011. They began integrating additional services and infrastructures in recent years, beginning in June of 2011. CR Logistics currently has 100 owner-operators and is quickly expanding.

You can connect your website to CR Transport servers to share data and communicate more quickly using an API. However, doing so would cost you time and money.

As a result, you will undoubtedly require skilled assistance at a reasonable cost. This is how our API integration software for developers helps you manage various couriers seamlessly. Furthermore, it enables you to:

  • View your orders across a single interface,
  • Have access to one, simple-to-use portal from where you can check prices, print labels and monitor and track deliveries,
  • Format intelligent addresses,
  •  Benefit from the support of our team of experienced developers.

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