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Despatch Cloud is one of a few integrators that Amazon has chosen for their shipping services; so to find out how Amazon Shipping and Despatch Cloud can help you maximise the potential value of this opportunity, please register your interest.

Despatch Cloud has recently partnered with Amazon Shipping, one of a select group of integrators that have done so. This means our customers can benefit from Amazon’s industry-leading courier rates and save time managing sales and deliveries.

Amazon Shipping is a multi-carrier operation that works with a plethora of global and local mail delivery agents, including FedEx and DHL.

As well as being the owners of the world’s most successful eCommerce marketplace, with a staggering 9 out of every 10 UK residents estimated to have used their platform, Amazon Shipping provides an overlay with the company’s other services and customers. This includes Amazon Prime, which has over 15 million customers in the UK.

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