Ship, fulfil and deliver worldwide at highly competitive rates

Enabling e-retailers, marketplaces, and logistics integrators to ship, fulfil, and deliver e-Commerce goods to buyers worldwide at highly competitive rates.

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Exelot is an Israeli logistics company that provides cutting-edge technological solutions for e-Commerce. The innovative digital solution provides a complete package for processing E-commerce shipments. With Excelot, e-retailers can now ship their items to foreign markets in a timely, dependable, and cost-effective manner via ocean, air, and land transportation. Daniel Cohen, CEO of Excelot explains.

“What stood out to us is Despatch Cloud’s e-Commerce Logistics Comparison Engine. It compares various alternatives of shipping e-Commerce goods with multiple suppliers: from shipping options, the VATs and custom taxes as well as the final mile delivery vendors in the destination country.” said Daniel Cohen, CEO of Excelot.

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The goal of Exelot is to provide ground-breaking solutions to e-Commerce retailers. The solution must be manageable, scalable, and profitable for both entrepreneurs and large companies. Specific challenges included:

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Despatch Cloud’s pioneering digital integration platform for shipping covers all stages of the worldwide logistics chain, including land, air, and sea shipping. Excelot may use this technology to analyse the data from each item and choose the most efficient shipping method for shorter delivery times and reduced prices.

The aims of eliminating the problems of traditional logistics solutions, increasing customer satisfaction, and providing sellers with a more cost-effective approach to handle shipment and generate sales have been realised.

Excelot uses the Despatch Cloud service to get shipments dispatched to them from their UK clients using their accounts with domestic UK couriers. They are scanned when they arrive. When scanned, it identifies the parcel, its contents, destination, weights, and so on. Our system then sends it to the target country, prints the local courier’s labels, and creates the necessary customs forms. This technological collaboration has allowed them to develop the market and bring their offerings to market more quickly.

Excelot can resell courier services in the target country thanks to Despatch Cloud’s software. The procedure has been streamlined such that when they receive a parcel from the UK, they send it to France and directly inject it into the network of a local carrier, utilising the domestic rate of the local partner.

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As a standard, all channel and customer data on its servers and in transit is encrypted with AES-256. The technology was created with security in mind; SSL is required for all API requests, and all channel and customer data on our servers is secured using AES-256. Despatch Cloud’s software supports and encourages the usage of multi-factor authentication when logging in to the system.

Excelot’s platform enables e-retailers, marketplaces, and logistics integrators to ship, deliver and track e-Commerce goods to buyers internationally at exceptionally attractive rates as a result of Despatch Cloud’s API. Exelot can enable multi-vendor shipping, fulfilment, and delivery for online businesses of all sizes and stages because the software integrates with a wide range of couriers and e-Commerce systems.

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The Despatch Cloud technology knits together all the different parts of the delivery process making it more efficient, effective, safe and reliable.

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